Hi Celia. I dont know if you remember me. I don’t think you ever got my cake ahah. It’s so coincidental that you had to post that video of moving out recently since I’ve been having those thoughts as well. I don’t expect you to reply to this, I think it makes me comfortable to know that you might read this and know what situation I am in while you are over there. I got accepted into a Internationally open bachelor’s degree fashion design program with only 40 spaces per year in Richmond, Vancouver which by metro you take 1 hour to get there from where I live. I am absolutely in love with the program because it’s not only filling a void in my heart from depression greatly but also because I’m very decided to grow in the program as a person, student, and designer.

It’s a very intense program with a lot of work to put in. I have to go to events for certain assignments and they aren’t exactly early in the day; like any event it’ll most likely be at night. I don’t drive so I don’t have a car. And in this career I have to carry a lot of things: rulers, paints, books, journals, binders, etc. Also, currently I work at my family’s business which is relatively near my house but my dad doesn’t pay me that often plus he doesn’t even pay me minimum wage. I’ve worked for 4 years straight for my family and I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of time from friend gatherings, school concert nights, to parties. Then again my parents do give me everything such as cooking and support and love. The plan for my first-year (currently a first-year) is that I would commute for all of first year and with the money I earn plus a bit that my dad would donate I’d get a car to drive for the next 3 years of schooling. Keeping all of this in mind, I’m starting to realize that from all the work that I have to do to get to campus it’s very exhausting no matter how much I love it. I wake up at 5:30 to get to class at 8:30. The first friend I made in the program, Sasha, who has very much impacted my life, she is so kind, thoughtful, chill and has an amazing personality, is currently living with a 4th year from the program and she invited me to live with her since she’ll be looking for a roommate after hers moves out. As part of my first—year I need to get retail experience so whether I like it or not I need a job. SO the fact that i’ll be getting a job soon and the fact that I live so far away from campus makes me wonder if I should try and move out.

My family is very close with each other and we keep contact but they are the kind who don’t mind if you still live with them until you are 30. But since I’m the youngest and my 2 older sister (22 and 26) haven’t moved out yet, it would make me the first one to do so and they would refuse since they think I can’t be responsible nor independent if I don’t learn that while living with them as well as they’d prefer if one of my older sisters move out first since I could probably learn more from one of them moving out first, does that make sense? I’m emotionally and physically prepared to move out, I really am, I am a responsible and indepent person. My birthday is tomorrow and I turn 18, the legal age in Mexico is 18 and I think 1. they can’t stop me from not moving out 2. At the same time I do want their blessing 3. I don’t want to move out knowing they have harsh feelings and they’ll stop helping me pay my tuition. And this is something I’ve gone over for the past 3 years. Overall, the problem is that I do want to leave but I don’t want to bring it up if it’s just going to cause problems later on.

Currently my family points out things I do are “Canadian” and that really hurts me because even though I came to live in Canada while I was very young (12) and have been influenced a lot by it, I don’t think nor consider myself in anything I do as “Canadian” because I am very much proud and love my heritage. Moving out at 18 would certainly be one of those things that my parents would disagree with because in Canadian culture, or at least I’ve seen, is that parents don’t really have that close family tie with their children and they push them to move out as soon as they can or when they are legal. My parents would say that most of the outcomes and things they’d say are always “just in my head” but that’s not true because I know them and this is exactly what I think they would start to do. So if I bring this up it will cause more pointing out of “You are turning so CANADIAN because you want to move out and live on your own and party… etc.” And I would personally think that if this happened this would be bullshit because no, I am NOT moving out to party and to be independent and away from family on purpose, it’s because I really want to do well on this program since I love it and I’m changing so much as a person as well.

I still have the rest of the year to know how to inform them of this decision… I thought it was very brave of you to move countries and I even got more inspired knowing that you are over there having fun and hanging in there.

In other news, some recipes that you might like since I cook a lot would be: Lemon Potatoes. This is like an invention my mom made but it’s so wonderful. 1 Ingredients: Get a bag of those tiny ball potatoes, cilantro, lime, pepper (optional) 2 boil potatoes 3 drain water and then put in pan 4 chop cilantro thinly 5 to your pan add oil and put the whole potatoes(you can chop if you want but i like them best whole, makes t more gourmet haha) and add some pepper and cilantro and salt, chopped onion would also be nice within this mix if you want 6 put a whole lime or as much as you want (these are lime flavored potatoes so the point is to make them have that tangy flavor) they are delicious along with some steaks serve when they are sort of a roasted colour. Another would be Beef & Ham stew, another delicious invention my mom made. Ingredients: thin beef slices, mozzarella cheese, your favorite ham (we use turkey sometimes, preferably a thin ham) and ripe tomatoes. 1 get your beef and chop it in strips 2 chop tomatoes as small or large as you want (this is only to add some flavor and juice) 3 on a pan put oil and sliced ham and tomatoes, add pepper and salt to your taste 4 Once the ham starts to be aromatic add the meat in 5 saute until meat is cooked through 6 turn off the heat and add your mozarrela, dont mix it just lay it on top, then serve once the cheese is melted.

I wish you all the best in your program, I know you’ll excel at it because you are a fantastic person and an amazing writer. Much love, breathe as much of London as you can.


Jung Jiyoung and Lee Hyunwook by Ahn Hajin for Gentleman March 2014
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